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nginx: An advanced example chart

This Helm chart provides examples of some of Helm's more powerful features.

This is not a production-grade chart. It is an example.

The chart installs a simple nginx server according to the following pattern:

The values.yaml exposes a few of the configuration options in the charts, though there are some that are not exposed there (like .image).

The templates/_helpers.tpl file contains helper templates. The leading underscore (_) on the filename is semantic. It tells the template renderer that this file does not contain a manifest. That file declares some templates that are used elsewhere in the chart.

Helpers (usually called "partials" in template languages) are an advanced way for developers to structure their templates for optimal reuse.

You can deploy this chart with helm install docs/examples/nginx. Or you can see how this chart would render with helm install --dry-run --debug docs/examples/nginx.